Session Manager settings storing on relative path

  • Session manager is really a nice and useful piece of code however it would be even nicer if it would allow to store settings on relative path. I mean “Session files folder” could be something like “.\plugins\Config\SessionMgr\sessions”

    Cause using absolute path makes it impossible when Notepad++ is in portable mode.

  • @gjf ,

    As far as I know, the author of Session Manager plugin doesn’t frequent this forum.

    Further, I followed the link to the session manager homepage, and the author says that he no longer maintains the Session Manager plugin.

    Apparently, @chcg forked the original code and made the 1.4.3 release, but my guess is that was just to get the plugin to install properly in modern Notepad++, and I doubt is actively supporting feature requests on the plugin.

    (My point being: it appears to be abandonware, so you aren’t likely to get code changes to that plugin, unfortunately)