How to restore previous Ctrl+W behavior?

  • Several versions ago pressing Ctrl+W closed current tab and switched to the next tab on the left (or previously watched tab, I don’t remember for sure).

    But in current Notepad++ version pressing Ctrl+W switches to previously watched tab (I’m guessing it has a history). But if history is empty or app was reopened Notepad++ switches to the first tab. Considering that I have 40-70 tabs open it’s very annoying. I’m curious if there is a way to restore previous behavior.

  • @Artem-Romanko ,

    Can you tell us what version “several versions ago” was?

    I just tried v8.1.1 (most recent), v7.9.5 (3 versions ago), and v7.9 (5 versions before that) – and all of those have the behavior you describe: if I had a session with several files open (say 5), and had last activated tab3 then tab5, then closed with tab5 active; if I reopen Notepad++ with that session (so that tab5 is open), if I Ctrl+W, it switches back to tab1.

    So I cannot replicate the behavior you seem to be expecting from an old copy; and without that, I cannot look into the “why” of the change (and I doubt there will be a workaround to activation order from one session to the next … but I have been proven wrong on such things before).

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