[New Plugin] Random Values plug-in

  • I’ve created a Notepad++ plugin to generate random values for test data and passwords.

    GitHub page: RandomValues - Notepad++ plugin


    You can generate single random values using the menu items. This is useful for when you want to quickly generate a password or guid etc.

    You can generate datasets of random values in CSV, XML, JSON or SQL format using the “Generate random values” screen. This is useful during database and app development for creating test data sets. When you don’t have actual data yet, you can use dummy test datasets to debug and check the performance of data loading, processing, reporting etc.

    In both the menu items and the “Generate random values” screen the random values are configurable. The random values are based on datatype, mask, range and additional options.

    Btw it was based on this prototype. Let me know what you think, is it useful, any suggestions or improvements?

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