Status line is bad when changing the encoding with shortcut.

  • Changing the encoding from ANSI to OEM 852 with the newly defined Ctrl+Alt+8 shortcut works well, however the status line contains OEM 852 partly overwritten with Ctrl+Alt+8.


    Windows 10, Notepad++ v8.1.1 (32-bit)

    Am I doing something wrong ?

  • @László-Botka ,

    Am I doing something wrong ?

    Nope. I can replicate the problem.

    If I take a fresh Notepad++ v8.1.1 (most recent), and use the Shortcut Mapper to add Ctrl+Alt+8 to to OEM 852 character set, then the status bar shows the character set overlapping with its keyboard shortcut like you do.

    I thought maybe it had to do with the width of your status bar, but I went to two monitors wide, and that section of the status bar never grew, so it stayed overlapping.

    If you have a github account (or are willing to create one for this), I suggest you follow the instructions in our Bug Report FAQ to create an issue in the github repo; if you do create it, make sure you also reply here and paste a link to the issue. If you don’t have a github account, let us know, and I can create the issue for you.

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