Plugin "Help"

  • Download plugin “Help”: yandex,
    Opens the CHM file associated with the file extension of the open document and searches for the selected word in the editor. Use the language file for translation

  • I downloaded the Help.7z. Opening the internal ReadMe.txt and using \Encoding\Character Sets\Cyrillic\Windows-1251 I copied the text to Google Translate which detected Russian and displayed

    The Help plugin is designed to open the CHM help. In the configuration file Help.ini, you need to create a section with the file extension in the name, and specify the path and title of the help. The title is needed so as not to reopen the help, but simply expand the window of the already open help. To use, select a word and press Ctrl + Alt + 1, CHM will open and the word will be inserted into the "Index" tab and will be found.
    Debug = 1 - displays debug information. 0, 1, 2.0-do not display anything at all, 1-minimum messages (wrong path or header), 2-maximum information
    FindOnPage = 0 - to activate the search on the page, that is, the word on the page will be automatically highlighted
    SearchTab = 0 - instead of the "Index" tab, open the "Search" tab
    PathHelp = "" - path to the folder with CHM files if relative paths are specified. If the path is not specified, then relative to the Notepad ++ directory.
    ini file is created automatically. If the doLocalConf.xml file is present, it will be created in the Notepad ++ \ plugins \ Config folder, otherwise in C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Roaming \ Notepad ++ \ plugins \ config.
    Since the plug-in supports multilingualism, you need to rename Help_Lang (Ru) .ini to Help_Lang.ini to enable the Russian language.

    There are source files, 32bit & 64bit DLLs and a Help.chm file in the archive. The internal help file ‘Help.html’ in the “Help.chm” file in the archive is also in Russian. I did not try to translate it.

    FWIW: The .7z file and it’s expanded files did pass a scan with a freshly updated ClamWin.

    I make no promises or endorsements. I was curious, but I’m not willing to load it on my daily machine.

  • The advantage over the plugin “LanguageHelp” is that the help opens in a separate process, that is, it is not a NotePad++ process. Accordingly, the buttons are not grouped on the taskbar. There are CHM files that can open examples in a text editor, that is, you click the button on the CHM file page and the file specified in it opens. If the process is open as a subsidiary, the opening of examples from the CHM file is missing, does not work.

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