Windows CMD cannot find Python Script path

  • I can only find vague instructions on setting the path using “edit system variables”. If someone has time, I need explicit instructions to make Notepad++ save scripts to a path that CMD can find. Suggestions on where to store my Python stuff are welcomed too. When I go to the editor to change the variables, it looks like I may not have admin rights to change anything. I"m scared to touch it, I have one personal laptop and cannot afford to kill it. The system variables at the bottom have greyed-out buttons so no access for me. I see a path with python down there. How do I get to it?

  • @Haleymiranda79 - to me it is not very clear what you try to achieve. Do you use the python script plugin
    available via the plugin admin or a local python installation downloaded from
    What is your general goal? Writing python code within Npp and execute it via something else? Or from within Npp?
    Or something different?