I use NPP for basic sanitization of text (copy/paste), and for a couple other things. Now after coming back after a while the default when opening is 50% usable text space, the rest... nothing?

  • I’m not sure my description really does my confusion justice …

    I haven’t opened NPP up in a while (probably ~6 months). I use it primarily to sanitize invisible special characters from text. I also prefer to use it for quick file edits and the like. My issue is that there seems to have been some kind of “opt-out feature” introduced recently. Now upon opening NPP there is a section “new 1” for editing text, but it’s only 50% of the window size, and centered. Around it appears to be space reserved for other things, which are just mostly blank.

    After dabbling in the UI a bit I found they appear to be related to Project Panels? However I have yet to be able to fully close all of them. The end result is I still do not have 100% of the window area for text manipulation. And to make matters worse, I then closed it and re-opened and found that the time I’d spent closing those panels was wasted, as it simply reverted to having them all open again.

    The process I had to go through to close them was absurd too; while the image shows an ‘x’ in some locations, there is nothing in others, and i had to actually go to view -> project panels -> 1,2,3 first, and THEN i was able to close them. (Note, as stated above, I wasn’t able to close all of these)

    Image of NPP showing 50% usable work space

  • @Benjamin-Kiefer

    there is already an issue open here.
    It has been reported that this can happen after using a screen sharing application. Could this also be the case for you?

  • @Ekopalypse Hmm, It’s true that I share my screen for work frequently enough, however I definitely didn’t have npp open at the time.

  • Try rebooting your PC. It may help.
    You can also see additional info about the same problem here:

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