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  • As Lot of Peoples are Using Notepade++ for Writing the Letter. Some time better way of writing we required Grammerly type professional add-on, but there is not plugin for Notepade++. So I Request to Develop Some Free Plugin in like Grammerly or Can be use LanguageTool (LanguageTool is a free and open-source grammar checker, and all its features are available for).

  • @Prashant-Savaj said in LanguageTool Plugin:

    So I Request to Develop Some Free Plugin in like Grammerly …

    You are free to ask.

    But there are not a lot of freelance plugin writers on this Community Forum who are just looking for new plugins to write – at least, I haven’t noticed anyone volunteer for such projects when previously suggested. Most of those who have the skills to write plugins write the ones that they are already interested in, and don’t have the time/energy to take on new projects as well. But maybe someone will surprise me.

    Good luck.

  • use regular expressions to highlight grammatical errors:

    (?<![a-z])([a-z]{2,})[\t ]+\1(?![a-z]) - double words
    (\w)\1\1 - repeat 3 letters
    [a-z]+ [,.;:][a-z]+ incorrect comma
    (?-i)\. [a-z]+ non-capital letter after the dot
    [\t ]+(?=\n) extra spaces at the end of the line
    [a-z](?=[а-яё])|(?<=[а-яё])[a-z] - mixing with Cyrillic
    [а-яё](?=[a-z])|(?<=[a-z])[а-яё] - mixing with Cyrillic

    On this page I have posted the “Highlight” plugin, it allows you to combine regular expressions into groups, into your own syntax. You can make the syntax errors.

  • Have you tried DSpellCheck plugin? It is available in Plugin Admin.
    Maybe, it’s not exactly what you want. But it provides some basic functionality.

    It’s suggestions like this that begin to raise my interest in your postings. I suggest you consider posting translations of the key portion of your help (.chm) files. The Readme_Ru.txt files you create are more commonly known as a changes_ru.txt file and do not tell me much about what the program can do. I don’t think too many users will de-compile and then Google translate an entire .chm file to locate the key information to then determine if they are interested in learning to use the plugin. My guess is that you write better English than 99% of the users on the Community board can write Russian.

    using Google translate:
    Подобные предложения начинают повышать мой интерес к вашим сообщениям. Я предлагаю вам рассмотреть возможность публикации переводов ключевой части ваших файлов справки (.chm). Создаваемые вами файлы Readme_Ru.txt более известны как файл changes_ru.txt и мало что говорят мне о возможностях программы. Я не думаю, что слишком много пользователей будут декомпилировать, а затем Google переведет весь файл .chm, чтобы найти ключевую информацию, чтобы затем определить, заинтересованы ли они в обучении использованию плагина. Я предполагаю, что вы пишете по-английски лучше, чем 99% пользователей форума сообщества могут писать по-русски.

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