All Files Gone After Updating to 8.1.2

  • I updated my NotePad++ today to version 8.1.2 after installing the update, all my notes that were previously there are now gone. Is there a way to get them back?

  • @Ryan-Lato ,

    Any files that you had saved will be in the same location on your filesystem that they were before the upgrade. It’s a bad idea with any application to leave unsaved files open when performing an upgrade; but any files that you didn’t save (assuming you had the Enable Session Snapshot and Periodic Backup option enabled, which is on by default ), might still be available in %AppData%\Notepad++\backup\ directory; the names will have the same new # as was in your tabbar before, with an @ and some numbers that represent the date and time that you started editing that unsaved tab.

  • Thank you @PeterJones I was able to get them back. I will make sure I don’t leave unsaved notes open when updating. It has never happened before and the one thing I love about NotePad++ is I don’t have to save my notes, but I guess there is always a downfall

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