NppExec v0.7 has been released!

  • NppExec v0.7 is dedicated to Notepad++ 8 and its new Dark Mode feature.
    (Note: NppExec v0.7 is still compatible with previous versions of Notepad++!)
    Also NppExec v0.7 implements some features requested by users as well as some improvements planned some time ago.
    Here is the full changelog:

    • added: now NppExec supports the “Dark Mode” of Notepad++ v8
      (Thanks to Peter Jones for the updated icons!)
      NppExec is still compatible with previous versions of Notepad++.
    • changed: now NppExec supports quoted strings in the form of “abc”, ‘abc’
      and `abc`.
      This allows to pass quote characters within a quoted string: `"`, ‘"’,
      ‘“abc” `def`’ and so on.
      Now, if you want to pass a text that includes ’ or ` character, you need
      to enquote this text in a different pair of quotes. For example:
      `'t was brillig…`, “Can’t stop”, “Press `Esc`”, etc.
    • changed: now NppExec’s Console and the Toolbar button explicitly mention
      “NppExec” in their names
    • added: new menu item “Change Execute Script Font…”
    • added: now MESSAGEBOX and INPUTBOX can accept 4th parameter ‘time_ms’
    • changed: now the InputBox can be closed by pressing Esc. When it happens,
      the value of $(INPUT) will be empty.
    • added: now con_colour, con_filter, env_set, npe_console, npe_noemptyvars,
      npe_sendmsgbuflen and npp_console support a new keyword “local”.
      This new keyword means: the changes are applied locally to the current
      NppExec’s script and are reverted back when the current script ends.
      Thus, the “local” keyword does not make sense in a single command executed
      directly in NppExec’s Console because the previous state is restored right
      after the execution of this single “local” command, so you will not see any
      effect of it.
    • added: if~ <condition> - first calculates, then checks the condition
    • added: set <var> ~ strescape <s>, set <var> ~ strunescape <s>
    • added: file names “npes_temp.txt” and “npes_saved.txt” can be customized
      (see “NppExec_TechInfo.txt” for details)
    • fixed: indirect variable reference in e.g. “echo #$(i) = $(#$(i))”
    • new advanced option “CustomMsgReady” (see “NppExec_TechInfo.txt”)
    • NppExec Manual updated

    Get it here: Plugin v0.7/
    Or here:

  • An early access build of the next version of NppExec is available!
    It fixes a few things in v0.7 and contains the following changes:

    • changed: now IF/IF~/ELSE IF use delayed $(var) substitution.
      It means that IF “$(var)” != “” will work even when the value of $(var)
      contains inner " quote character(s).
    • added: now npe_debuglog supports the keyword “local”.
    • changed: $(var) substitution has been reworked and improved
    • added: set <var> ~ strexpand <s>

    Get it here, NppExec20210804_dll: Plugin (dev)/

    Please let me know if there are any issues.

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