Adding Additional Functions to PowerShell Language

  • I have several PowerShell Server Extensions to Include Windows Server and Hyper-V, but Notepad++ doesn’t recognize the commands to color them. Example, “Get-ChildItem C:” works, but “Get-VM ppVault” does not work.

    I tried looking it the NPP directory, but didn’t see any files that could be related to editing the command sources.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  • @unDrac86 said in Adding Additional Functions to PowerShell Language:

    editing the command sources.

    Settings > Style Configurator > PowerShell > CMDLET and add text to the user-defined keywords box



    Though I was surprised to learn that at least for PowerShell, the user-defined-keywords box is weirdly case-sensitive: if I typed Get-VM in the box, it didn’t highlight, even though that’s the case that’s used in the file; but if I typed get-vm in the box, it will highlight in the editor, whether it’s Get-VM or get-vm or gET-vM

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