Replace some text of a string in multiple lines

  • Hi guys
    I want to change some text but not digits

    <img src=“BISM1281.png” id=“Image3” alt="">
    <img src=“BISM1282.png” id=“Image3” alt="">
    <img src=“BISM1283.png” id=“Image3” alt="">
    <img src=“101BISM1281.png” id=“Image3” alt="">
    <img src=“101BISM1282.png” id=“Image3” alt="">
    <img src=“101BISM1283.png” id=“Image3” alt="">

    I want to add some text or numbers before BISM, but dont want to change anything after BISM.
    Cannot use simple search and replace because “BISM” is using in different locations.

  • @Sheraz-Ahmed

    So…what makes the example BISM different from the other occurrences of BISM? This would be critical to know in order to offer advice to you.

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