Need help with custom syntax highlighting for a simple example, struggling to understand how.

  • Text file will look like this, each chat message appears on its own line:

    [2021/07/18 18:57] Mango: Hi how are you apricot?
    [2021/07/18 18:58] Apricot (meow123): Doing well thank you mango
    [2021/07/18 18:59] Apple (fruitfruit123): Hi guys how are you?

    How do I customize so I can have 3 different colors based on the syntaxing above? Basically I want:

    • The timestamp to be a light grey color
    • The username to be red, meaning “Mango” and “Apricot (meow123)” are usernames
    • The text messages (everything after the : in the username) to be black?

    Bonus points if it’s possible to insert spacing between the username and the chat messages!

  • @stmav
    Sorry, but this is hardly possible with the built-in UDL since parts
    are dynamic and UDL does not provide regex terms to identify different parts.
    You have to write your own lexer for this case.
    A scripting plugin like PythonScript can be used to make this possible.
    If you are familiar with another programming language there may be ways to use it as well.

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