Delet specific part of the line

  • Hi,
    At first, I apologize for my terrible English.
    I have this problem: I would like to delete specific parts of the lines in the big text document. But there are so many options for what the text can look like. For example, I have about 500 lines:

    PoznamkaSlov!Prvé sväté prijímanie dňa: bez záznamu v, obci: Dolná Súča,
    PoznamkaSlov!Prvé sväté prijímanie dňa: 08.06.1969 v obci: Trenčín,
    PoznamkaSlov!Prvé sväté prijímanie dňa: 01.09.1999 v obci: Trenčín,

    and I need:

    PoznamkaSlov! Dolná Súča,
    PoznamkaSlov! Trenčín,
    PoznamkaSlov! Trenčín,

    O I have other 400 lines like:

    PoznamkaSlov!Birmovaný dňa: 25.06.1972, Zapísané na RKFÚ: Soblahov
    PoznamkaSlov!Birmovaný dňa: 21.09.1973, Zapísané na RKFÚ: Hlohovec
    PoznamkaSlov!Birmovaný dňa: 17.4.2010, Zapísané na RKFÚ: Trenčín

    and I need:


    Is there an easy way to do it? I was trying to search through google and read many discussions but I didn’t find it anywhere. I try to do it trought instructions from this web:, but it work only with their example, and I don´t know how to change the searching…
    When I copy my text in “new document” it marks more lines:
    Picture 1.png
    and when I try it, in my document, it no work… and writes: “Serch failed, Unexpected exception while searching”:
    Picture 2.png
    I don’t know if it’s even possible, but if you know some options, please help.
    Thank you in advance for your answers.

  • Using regular expressions is all about finding patterns.
    If you can express your needs with a pattern, it is almost always possible to find a regex that does what you need.
    Based on your explanation, I assume the pattern is the following.

    Each line starts with a word followed by an exclamation point, then any text, and ends with a colon followed by a space, some words followed by a comma. If this is the case, then the following should do what you want. If it doesn’t, try explaining the pattern you want.

    find: ^(\w+!).+: (.+),
    replace: \1 \2

  • Thank you so much. Your answer helps me understand how these shortcuts work and solved my problem.

    Thanks for help.

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