Chapter Headings

  • When I edit a text file I want to add chapter headings that will show when I send the text file to my Kindle reader. Is that something I can do?

  • @Dave-Clark ,

    A text file knows nothing about chapters, headers, or the like. It is a series of bytes which are all interpreted as text (hence the name “text file”).

    I don’t know about the Kindle formats in particular, but when I’ve looked into open-source EPUB format, it is basically a zipped collection of HTML and associated images.

    So maybe if you wrote your text file as HTML, using HTML syntax for headings (<h1>, <h2>, …), that would give you what you need.

    But none of this is really on-topic here, because the answer would be the same whether you use Notepad++ (which you should), or Windows notepad.exe (shudder), or copy con textfile.txt () to edit your file.

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