When try to find in the file, cant paste the copied text to 'Find what:' text box

  • There are couple of strange issues appearing lately, I could not save the file name when going to save a file and now this, cannot paste a copied string into ‘Find what:’ of the search textbox., please help, dont wanna switch to another text editor

  • @ShamithaSIlva ,

    Regarding the save, there is a known bug in v8.1.1 and v8.1.2 . It has been confirmed fixed on v8.1.3, which is currently at release candidate 3, though will hopefully be released soon.

    For the FIND menu, maybe the v8.1.3-RC3 will fix it for you, too. But I’ve never had problems pasting into the FIND WHAT textbox, so I cannot confirm that the problem exists.

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