Installed 8.1.3 Multiple times. Reverts to 7.8.6

  • Windows Apps says 8.13 64bit.

    This time I uninstalled NP++ (Apps said 8.1.3) then re-booted. when changelog opened, I cofigured NP++ including darkmode. All good.

    Closed NP++ and double-clicked a session file.

    NP++ opened TWO session files and both opened as 7.8.6.

    Registry issue?

    WOW! I just double clicked the readme file in C:\Program Files\Notepad++. It opened a session (same extra session file as before) file AND the readme file together in version 7.8.6!

    I checked the session file in regular Notepad and did not find a .ses (my session filetype setting) file mentioned.

    AMD A10 PRO-7850B R7
    12 Compute Cores 4C
    +8G 3.70GHz

  • @Lindsay-Cline-0 ,

    My magic 8-ball says the situation is unclear.

    You mentioned “Windows Apps says…”. I don’t know exactly what you mean by “Windows Apps”, but if you mean that you installed Notepad++ using the Windows App store, it should be noted that there is no official bundle of Notepad++ for the Windows App store.

    Do you know the exact location of the executable(s) for v8.1.3 and for v7.8.6 ? If not, could you at least run the “default” Notepad++ and give us the ?-menu’s Debug Info, and tell us where you think you installed v8.1.3?

    If one of those versions came from an app store of some sort, I have no clue where such a monstrosity would have put itself. If one of the versions (like the old v7.8.6) were 32bit and the other was 64bit (as you said, 8.1.3 was 64bit), then it might have put them in separate folders – c:\program files (x86)\notepad++\ for the 32bit and c:\program files\notepad++\ for the 64bit.

    Given how confused your setup is, you might just want to go to Windows’ “Add or Remove Programs” (aka Settings > Apps > Apps and Features) and uninstall any Notepad++ listed. Then go to both the c:\program files (x86)\ and c:\program files\ and remove any Notepad++ directories shown there. Then go to the official Notepad++ v8.1.3 Download page and download the official installer for the 64bit version. Then run that installer. It should re-set all the registry entries, etc, to point to the newly installed version. If the associations still have difficulty opening files with the newly-installed v8.1.3 , then you might need to search through the registry for notepad++.exe and make sure none of them are pointing to the old/wrong location.

  • Peter,

    Bill Gates has decided to call what used to be “Programs and Features” in prior versions, Apps.

    It’s in Settings. It’s the list of installed programs. Nothing in particular to do with Windows App store; although there may be some installed from there over time.

    I checked both Program Files folders. 8.1.3 is in Program Files where it belongs. 7.8.6 is nowhere to be found.

    In other words, I’ve already done everything you suggest and it still misbehaves. Do you know how to find NP++'s entries in the Registry?


  • @Lindsay-Cline-0 said in Installed 8.1.3 Multiple times. Reverts to 7.8.6:

    I’ve already done everything you suggest and it still misbehaves.

    Well you haven’t actually. As @PeterJones asked, give us your debug info. Re-read his post.


  • Notepad++ v7.8.6 (64-bit)
    Build time : Apr 21 2020 - 15:23:03
    Path : C:\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : OFF
    Local Conf mode : ON
    OS Name : Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
    OS Version : 2004
    OS Build : 19041.1165
    Plugins : mimeTools.dll NppConverter.dll NppExport.dll

    The executable in C:\Program Files\Notepad++ is version

    My guess is there is a hard-coded disk address in the registry for both versions. The system finds 7.8.6 first and loads it. Until that file is overwritten, it will be loaded. As my system’s FAT will likely show freespace where 7.8.6 lies, it will eventually be used. Could be years.

    So manually cleaning up the Registry would be simpler. I just don’t know how.


  • @Lindsay-Cline-0 said in Installed 8.1.3 Multiple times. Reverts to 7.8.6:

    Path : C:\Notepad++\notepad++.exe

    That path isn’t where an installable Notepad++ would go, as you saw, you also have a version under Program Files which is what I expected.

    So the next question will be, once you installed Notepad++ how did you run it, I bet with a shortcut on your menu.
    I think you may have downloaded the “portable” version of Notepad++ sometime in the past and manually created a menu item to run it, that’s why you are getting the version differences.

    The next step is to run a find over the whole of your drive looking for Notepad++.exe. I bet you find multiple copies. Windows will ONLY show which apps are installed, the “portable” version will NOT show in that list. Remove everything (find the folder and remove entire contents) except the one in Program Files folder and then update or delete and create a new menu item to run that version.


  • I did not install the portable version.

    I used npp.8.1.3.Installer.x64.exe.

    Amazingly enough I found a 7.8.6 Notepad++ directory directly on the C: drive. It was created 9/6/2020.

    So, possibly, I did install the portable version then.

    Should I just delete that directory?

    And uninstall/reinstall 8.1.3?


  • @Lindsay-Cline-0 said in Installed 8.1.3 Multiple times. Reverts to 7.8.6:

    I did not install the portable version

    I contend you did as is evident by the information you provided, on 9/6/2020, that’s the 7.8.6 version that has messing with you. Sure this time around you installed 8.1.3 using the installer version, hence why that version is listed as installed and is in the correct location under program files.

    You need to delete the c:\notepad++ folder and all contents and also remove the bad shortcut that runs that version. Then you should create a new shortcut pointing to the program files notepad++ 8.1.3 version so you can run it.


  • OK, Terry, I will do that. I appreciate your and everyone else’s help.



  • Deleting that directory did the trick; all opens get 8.1.3 now.

    Thanks again!


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