8.1.3 not displaying keystrokes in real time

  • While typing quickly, 8.1.3 is displaying a flashing text box beneath the line I’m entering text on and then there’s a delay before the text appears. This is new behavior (for me) with the latest update.

    Here’s a 5-second video showing what I’m talking about

    System is Windows 10 Pro on a Core i7-6700K with 32GB RAM

    I didn’t find this in another thread here, but apologies if I overlooked its having been addressed already.

  • Disabling auto-completion fixes it, but I’m wondering what changed to make this feature have such a lag.

    When typing in non-traditional names, it’s impossible to see what’s been typed until a second or two after the name has been completed, which makes it hard to use.

  • @cfroehle Thank you for the solution to a problem that has made Notepad++ unusable for me. The delay caused by the autocomplete feature has been an intermittent pain for YEARS. I am guessing that this feature gets reenabled upon some action such as an update but I am not sure.

    Thanks again.

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