Insert Date only, x/x/xx format?

  • I’m looking for a plugin (or a way to tweak the TextFX ‘insert date & time’ option), so what I get is just date, in this format:
    That’s all I need (don’t need time in there at all).
    Yes, I’d settle for 01/05/21 is that’s my choice.
    Is this do-able in notepad via plugin, or a menu option I’m missing right in front of my nose?

  • Cool, just noticed 8.1.4 will be adding insert date & time functionality… But don’t think there will be option for just date… checking into it now…

  • @Chris-Tanguay-0

    Another thing that has been done via PythonScript for years, not sure why Notepad++ sees the need to add that now…

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