Removing unwanted text in multiple lines

  • The lines i have are

    0A english.iff 3158920 1794838
    0A french.iff 4953758 1840843
    0C 47182965 76800
    0C 47259765 262144
    2Y newaudio/lines_ps/000110-035106-000000-002163-000000-000001.wav 16899133815 4399
    2Y newaudio/lines_ps/000110-035106-000000-002164-000000-000001.wav 16899138214 6460

    I want it to become this


    Is there any easy way to do this? Thank you

  • @Brentley-Hefner

    Yes, I think so. Try the following regex:

    Search: (?-s)^\w+ ([^ ]+).*
    Replace: $1

    Put the caret at the very beginning of the document, select the Regular Expression mode and click on Replace All.

    Hope this helps.

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