Scandal! Chameleon desktop icon has disappeared

  • Sir,

    I’ve been using your excellent Notepad++ for more than 10 years.
    Not a single day has gone by without me opening this software.

    After each upgrade, I frantically chose to display the “old, vintage” chameleon icon on my desktop, that I Love.

    Today when I updated to version 8.1.4, I couldn’t find the chameleon alone in the icon tab of the properties panel.

    I’m very, very disappointed and I feel like a whole world has changed and nobody told me.

    I’m sure we are numerous to be fans of the chameleon, please be kind with your users, restore it.
    Don’t force desperate people to make a huge online petition.

    Sincerely ;)


    Um, I thought that had stopped being the default icon 6+ years ago. I thought it was completely removed from the installer a long time ago. I am surprised it was just with v8.1.4 that it stopped being available to you. Yeah, v7.1 in 2016 eliminated the “old icon” installer option, according to this issue

    Maybe one of the workarounds from 6 years ago mentioned here will work for you.

    Sir, I’ve been using your excellent Notepad++

    First: glad you’ve enjoyed Notepad++ that long. But just so you know, the main owner/developer of the application doesn’t read/respond to most threads in the Community Forum. He controls the forum, and will post Announcements and similar, but he leaves it up to the Community members (us fellow users) to help each other on the daily questions / general discussion, rather than providing “official support” himself.


    Actually, v8.1.4’s icons do have the chameleon, except for the smallest 16x16 and 32x32 pixel icons. You can see this by changing Windows Explorer from Details or Small Icons to any of Medium Icons, Large Icons, or Extra Large Icons. – All of the bigger icons still have the chameleon as the executable icon, and AFAIK, Notepad++ usually assigns that icon to file types associated with Notepad++.

    I had to go back to v5.0 from 2008 before the executable defaulted to a non-chameleon-based icon.

    (my video is focused on the executable; I hadn’t changed the file type associations for XML, so it’s still using the v8.1.3/v8.1.4-style icon for those files; just look at the executable’s icon for the point I was trying to make)

    And further, Windows allows you to change the icon for any file type to anything – whether it’s in the executable or a standalone icon or from some other DLL or executable. If you’ve got an icon you prefer, you can search the internet for “change icon for file type” and find a gazillion references for how to do that in your particular OS.

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