The 8.1.4 update deleted my FTP profiles ::(

  • I had various FTP profiles setup in NppFTP plugin, but the Notepad++ update 8.1.4 today has deleted all of them!
    Very bad bug, has anyone else experienced this?

  • @Steven-Downey ,

    Sorry, didn’t happen for me.

    I had already updated my PC at work, where I use portable, and nothing happened to my NppFTP configuration settings (including profiles) – and I’ve been using that since the day that v8.1.4 was officially released.

    At home, I still had 8.1.3, so I just checked for updates and did the automatic 8.1.4 upgrade: after upgrading, I still had my NppFTP profiles with no difficulty.

    The NppFTP profiles are stored in %AppData%\Notepad++\Plugins\Config\NppFTP\NppFTP.xml … and the Notepad++ installer shouldn’t generally overwrite anything in the plugins config folder for a normal installation. (The plugin list for Plugins Admin, nppPluginList.dll, will go in <appfolder>\Plugins\Config … so for a normal installation, that’s separate; but for a portable edition, that’s the same Plugins\Config folder that the plugins actually use for their config files.)

    Before updating Notepad++, it’s a good idea to make a copy of %AppData%\Notepad++ : you can open Windows Explorer, type %AppData% 🛈 in the Explorer’s location bar, then copy Notepad++ and paste it (which will default to Notepad++ - Copy as the name). That way, if some important config file – for either the app or a specific plugin – gets overwritten or deleted accidentally, you can still see what was there before and get it back. (I did that before updating my NPP at home, but it wasn’t necessary, because nothing got overwritten for me.)

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