How Do I "Shortcut" Using Back Button to Recover Deleted Text?

  • I fell asleep and somehow put pressure on my keyboard. I ended up typing thousands of + signs in a row. I’ve been clicking on the Notepad++ back button for 15 mins and I’m not even close to getting back to where it started.

    The problem is that I checked by scrolling through and there are missing entries BETWEEN a series of + signs near the beginning.

    I must have deleted something and I’m scared that if I simply delete all of the + signs, I will lose the missing entries because it will “forget” what was typed.

    Is there a way to get back to where I first hit the + sign without losing the deleted entries and manually clicking on the back button?

  • @Troglo37

    Two solutions for you:

    • Hold down Undo (Ctrl+z) until you get back to where you need to (of course maybe this is what you are already doing via your “back button” comments)

    • Have some coffee!

  • Thanks! Must faster and saves my fingers and mouse!

  • I’m done, it worked! I was able to retrieve the ton of entries that were deleted! Thanks again!

    P.S. I don’t drink coffee LOL! I would probably never go to sleep!

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