How is browser called when clicking on a hyperlink or "Search on the Internet"?

  • Firefox is blocked in my organization, so I’m using a portable version, which is set as default browser in a hacky way. It worked fine for a while, but now hyperlinks in Notepad++ don’t open (“another instance is already running”), while hyperlinks in Outlook or Word open in a new tab, as expected. Seems like Notepad++ is using a different way, and figuring it out might help me solve the problem.

  • @stresslevel99

    it uses the ShellExecute api and it seems to work for me.
    If I double click a link within npp it opens either the browser or,
    if it is already running, opens a new tab.

  • It would take too long to type out out all the things I tried, so I’ll just get the end. There are two versions of Notepad++ installed on the system, both exhibit the problem. Both are not regular installations, but AppV. Downloaded same portable versions - works fine. Latest version - fine…

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