How can I make Notepad++open ALL notepad files

  • I had notepad on a previous computer… Now, after reinstalling it, I can’t get it to associate with ALL notepad files.

    Any ideas?

  • @Davie-Green ,

    Windows has lots of different ways of setting file associations, and sometimes to have to work those in concert to make it all work together. Notepad++'s Settings > Preferences > File Associations uses the old registry entries that Windows 10 technically still accepts… but if any of Windows 10’s other methods of defining associations are also set, those will take precedence. It’s really a Windows problem, because Microsoft has defined too many conflicting ways of setting file associations. But it’s been talked about a lot in this forum, so you can search the forum for posts about “registry” and “regedit” and “association” for more ideas of things to try.

    When you install Notepad++, it usually creates a registry key that is always available in the Right Click menu for any file type, which is “Edit with Notepad++” or similar, so even if you cannot get double-click to work right, you might be able to access it that way. If not, some of my posts that will show up in the forum search will show my registry entry that I add for definding “Edit with Notepad++” as an option on all file types.

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