Desapareció la opción Arriba en la Ventana Abrir Archivos

  • 2 actualizaciones de Notepad anteriores a la v8.1.4 (32-bit) en Ubuntu 18 con PlayOnLinux desapareció la opción de ir Arriba a las carpetas superiores. Esto es muy incómodo. Por favor volver a ponerla. Gracias.

  • @Carlos-Figueroa-Arteaga ,

    Again, I will not here that Notepad++ is a Windows application, and the developers only support Windows environments; if you can make it work in Wine (which is what PlayOnLinux uses under the hood), great for you! But that’s not a supported use case.

    2 Notepad updates prior to v8.1.4 (32-bit) on Ubuntu 18 with PlayOnLinux disappeared the option to go Up to upper folders. This is very uncomfortable. Please put it back. Thanks.

    The Notepad++ Open File dialog does allow going up directories, in the same way it always has. If Wine/PlayOnLinux do not support the standard windows API calls that Notepad++ uses to get the OpenFIle dialog working, then the problem is with Wine/PlayOnLinux, not with Notepad++.


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