replace first two spaces with - third space with tab

  • I’m new to notepad++ advanced search & replace

    I am trying to edit a text file for importing into a database table, a sample line is like this:

    dd mon yyyy 1,234.56<tab>4,567.89<tab>…etc… (<tab> denotes a tab between sets of numbers, dd-mon-yyyy are real dates)

    In order to properly bring dd mon yyyy in to a date field, I need it to look like dd-mon-yyyy

    If I put () \b in the search field it finds the spaces I need, but also finds the space after yyyy, which I want replaced by a tab, not a dash

    I need the end result to look like dd-mon-yyyy<tab>1,234.02 & leave the rest of each line alone.

    I think this may be a 2 step process, first step to replace the first 2 spaces with dashes, second step to replace remaining spaces with tabs, but I’m stumped on how best to do it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Glen_Strom

    I think this may be a 2 step process, first step to replace the first 2 spaces with dashes, second step to replace remaining spaces with tabs

    Nope. A straightforward regex can handle it in one step. my search thought would be “look for one or two digits, space, a 3-letter month, space, a four-digit year, space – capturing each of the tokens from the date into a separate capture group; replace with group1, hyphen, group2, hyphen, group3, tab”. I would then translate that into regex-speak: FIND = (\d{1,2}) (\w+) (\d{4})\x20 (I used \x20 for the final space because it is easier to read/copy/paste in the forum; in your own regex, that could equally be a space character at the end of the FIND instead), REPLACE = ${1}-${2}-${3}\t, SEARCH MODE = regular expression.

    That converts

    11 mon 2021 1,234.56<tab>4,567.89<tab>…etc
    21 xxx 1999 1,234.56<tab>4,567.89<tab>…etc


    11-mon-2021	1,234.56<tab>4,567.89<tab>…etc
    21-xxx-1999	1,234.56<tab>4,567.89<tab>…etc

    which I think is what you want


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  • @PeterJones said in replace first two spaces with - third space with tab:


    Thanks so much, exactly what I was looking for!

    Now that I have it done I’ll look closer at your solution & figure out what it all means.

    It turns out the text file was a little wonky, all of the months but September were 3 letter, and the rest already had a tab like I wanted after the 4 digit year, but the September months had a space. So it was like 31<sp>Aug<sp> 2021<tab>1234.56 and 01<sp>Sept<sp>2021<sp>6789.12 - so it was just a matter of replacing all the Sept with Sep, then running your solution on them, then I ran the () \b in the search with - in the replace for the rest of them.

    In any case, I was able to generate an insert statement & got all my rows into my database table, so thanks again!

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