RegEx ,\ni

  • Jaki ma być wzór, aby wyszukiwarka szukała przecinek
    na końcu linii + literę „i” na początku następnej linii?


  • find: ,$\r\n^i
    search mode: regular expression

  • Hello, @olivier-thomas and All

    It’s very simple ! In the Find what: field, type in :

    • (?-i),\Ri    ( if you search for a lower-case i, only )

    • (?i),\Ri    ( if you search for a letter i, whatever its case )

    Notes :

    • The \R syntax refers to any single line-break ( \r\n for Windows, \n for Unix and \r fore MAC )

    • Note that the syntax (?-i) means a non-insensitive to case search and has no relation with your literal i ! On the contrary, if your regex begins with (?i), the the search will not care about case of letters

    Best Regards,


  • Everything works…

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