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  • Hi !
    Would it be possible to implement a clipboard history search ?
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  • @BET_BioBE

    It’s possible, but not likely to happen.

    However, if you want to make a feature request for Notepad++ , there are instructions for doing so HERE.

    If this kind of thing is important to you, you probably should use a dedicated clipboard program, rather than Notepad++'s Clipboard History feature. Others here in the past have recommended one called Ditto but I have no knowledge of it (and certainly don’t know if you can search its entries).

  • @BET_BioBE
    @Alan-Kilborn said in Clipboard history:

    Ditto […] (and certainly don’t know if you can search its entries).

    Ditto, and yes you can search its entries:


    There are tons of configurations for it - including a dark mode theme, and I just have a shortcut for “Paste” as CTRL+ALT+V so normal CTRL-V does normal paste, my Ditto shortcut launches the Ditto window you see above to select what to paste and then click or Return on the entry inserts it.

    The greatest advantage of this over Notepad++ built-in or plugin - Ditto is SYSTEM WIDE - it captures all my clipboard (including the image I copied and pasted above) and makes it available to ANY application.


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