newest np++ doesnt find anything via [search in files]

  • win10 - fresh install via setup - admin priv - checked search in subfolders - np++ doesnt find anything, even when i put a textfile into the folder with the exact search phrase/text
    it always says 0 matches

  • @BeatBullz ,

    In general, Find in Files works just fine. So it might be something specific to what you’re doing.

    The first thing I would try is running non-Admin. Because sometimes, run-as-admin confuses things. (For many things, I would try to replicate to help you, but my IT department won’t let me run Notepad++ as admin, so I cannot replicate that condition.)

    Also, what are your Find In Files dialog settings? Alt+PrintScreen the dialog, and Ctrl+V to paste it into your reply, so we can see it all.

    (For example, if you have a regular expression in your search, but the search mode is normal search, it won’t match anything.)

    Also, supplying us with your ?-menu’s Debug Info might give us insight (or at least let us know exactly which version you have installed, to help replicate the problem)

  • deleting the * stars in front and back of the search-phrase did it *facepalm

    thx a lot for your effort n time to help me

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