Option to hide nuls and other non-text

  • Would be nice if there is an option to view (read only?) a file with nuls and other non-text hidden.

  • @VictorOnrust

    Notepad++ is a text editor, and, as such, doesn’t deal with non-text files all that well. And that’s what you’re really talking about: non-text files. So while I somewhat understand what you are asking for, my response is to say “don’t do it”. Perhaps others have different viewpoints.

  • Helo, @victoronrust and all,

    A possible work-around would be to delete, TEMPORALLY, any character, displayed in inverse video, but the normal line endings :

    • Open the Replace dialog ( Ctrl + H )

      • SEARCH (?!\r|\n)[\x00-\x1F\x80-\x9F\x{2028}\x{2029}]

      • REPLACE Leave EMPTY

      • Tick the Wrap around option

      • Select the Regular expression search mode

      • Click on the Replace All button

    • Press the Esc key to close the Replace dialog

    Once, you thoroughly studied your file contents, just do a Ctrl + Z action to get the initial text ;-))

    Best Regards,


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