\x00 was replaced by \x20 in v6.8

  • hi.
    since last versions there happens cruel things.
    I have a lot to do whit bibliographical data. A very certain char is decimal 000 or hex00.

    last weeks it happens: I’ve edited some data. via cut&paste I’ve moved some lines (with contents somewhere also with hex00) on another lines.

    all hex00’s are gone. they are replaced by hex20 (normal decimal blank.).
    In this peace of data I must have my hex00’s! they are very certain. for information: hex00 is the end of a datafield! normally You should see it clear. hex00 and hex20 looks in n++ like the same. but this was some weeks a catastrophe; I’ve destroyed some certain datafiles! and not seen it!

    I’m shure, in some older version, it wasn’t any problem. all have gone everytime well.
    but now?

    is this a (new) setting? I’ve forgotten
    or what?

    thanks a lot, Yours Klaus

    NB: I normally do manipulate scilexer.dll whit a hexeditor; than I see my char hex00 like a BLACK space ;-)

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