MSVC compilation

  • Doesn’t compile cleanly like it used to.
    Several versions haven’t compiled properly.

  • Surely, as a developer, you must realize that very little can be done with a bug report like this?

    What version of VC++?
    What is the error message?

    I think VS2013 is now required.

  • The solution files in /PowerEditor/ appear to be not VS2013.
    are they still valid?

    If you’re saying VS2013 is required, why do these older things exist?

    the 2015 solution errors:

    Error: The element <IncludePath> beneath element <Project> is unrecognized. C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSBuild\v4.0\Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user.props

    that’s not saying oh you got some include path wrong, thats saying, i don't even understand this file's format

  • These are the project files:

    • notepadPlus.vcxproj - VS2013 project, used to build release binaries AFAIK, works well for me.
    • notepadPlus.vs2015.vcxproj - VS2015 project, kept up to date AFAIK, presumably available as a courtesy for users who don’t have 2013.
    • notepadPlus.vs2005.vcproj - probably outdated and should be deleted.

    That error you’re getting doesn’t make any sense, because none of the project files has the text <IncludePath> in them. The error message points to the .props file - have you taken a look at it…?

    Some things to check, off the top of my head:

    • Have you cloned the right repo?
    • Have you synced?
    • Have you made local modifications to the project files?
    • Is there anything wrong with your VS install?

    • Have you cloned the right repo?

    i download the latest source file tar ball/zip.

    • Have you synced?

    i presume you mean github… not using it.

    • Have you made local modifications to the project files?

    i unpack the zip and go directly to the /PowerEditor/ directory.

    • Is there anything wrong with your VS install?

    I doubt it, but couldn’t rule it out.
    Last year-ish, i used the vs2005 project files provided and “upgraded” them to a VS2008 IDE, those typically worked out-of-the-box for 20 npp versions.

  • installed MSVC2015. now it compiles.

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