BUG: & character not displayed with syntax highlighting

  • Hello,
    I’m using (on a brand new Win 8.1 laptop) Notepad++ v6.8 with Default (stylers.xml) theme for syntax highlighting and I’ve noticed that the character & is not displayed (it looks as if there is a space instead) in the code sections except inside a comment (after // or between /* and */) and in string anc character literals (between ’ ’ or " ") when writing in Javascript, C, C++, Java and other languages.

    If I change theme everything works fine instead.

    Is there a quick fix I could try?
    I am used to the default theme and I would like to keep using it…


  • Apparently the font Source Code Pro is causing this issue.

    I have changed it in the theme editor and now it’s fine.

  • Next version will have fixes for that issue.