Compiling notepad++

  • Hello!

    I want to remove certain options from the menu bar, for example edit>select all.

    I have set up visual studio 2013 and i’m able to compile the source code without problems.

    However i’m not sure where i can remove the entries. powereditor\src\notenotepad_plus.rc does give a nice visualization of the menu bar however when attempting to save changes visual studio reports this error message

    Are there other files that i can edit to customize the menu bar?
    Which program can modify notenotepad_plus.rc correctly?

  • Edit the .rc file as a regular text file instead of using Visual Studio’s resource editor (I wonder if it has ever worked well). It should be able to open the file as text in VS by using File -> Open -> File in VS. Or you could just open it N++. The format of the file should be self-explanatory.

  • @jonandr


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