Bug with folding in user-defined language

  • Hi all,
    I assume there is a little bug in the folding process.

    Firstly excuse me for my English but it’s not my native language. So please ignore any grammar failures and sorry for that!

    I have defined my own user language with separate open and close definitions. In general this works perfect and is very helpfully for our documentation. But in some cases (when I cascade such folding blocks) there are some trouble. The lines marked on the left side with the +/- sign are not matching with the real lines. When I fold such inner block, mostly the complete file to the end or the block with a wrong line number is folded. This error only occurs, when I have defined more than one block. I used the version 6.7.5 and upgraded now to 6.8 with the same problem. Did anyone known this problem?

    Here is an example for the definitions:
    Folding in code 1 styler
    open: #(
    close: #[

    Here a code text:
    #(001-005) headline 1
    #(001) step 1
    some comments here
    #[yyyymmd hh:mm] finish step 1
    #(002) step 2
    some comments here
    #[yyyymmd hh:mm] finish step 2

    #[closing group 1 to 5]

    With a click on the - sign left of line #(001) the block step 1 is folded, same with the others. If I click on the +/- sign left of the first line the complete group is closed or opened.

    But sometimes (repeatable, often after larger comment blocks (without the signs for block start/end)) the line counter counts a wrong number and the block end marker is not in the line of the close-definition. Even the next start is moved and not synchron to the line with the open definition.
    An interessting effect: If I change one character in the block (even if I change a space through a new space) the marking is renewed an shows the exact lines, but if I move the cursor to an other location and scroll back to the block the mark of the block is wrong.

    A long text for a little problem :)
    But I love Notepad++ and I were very happy if this bug would be fixed in one of the next releases.
    Thank you a lot and have a nice day(s).

  • here is an update to this bug:

    The problem only exist if I additional define a Comment&Number style (its equal if the style is defined as a comment line style with an open and a close condition or as a comment style). In both cases the folding defined by the Folder&Style (Folding in code 1 style) doesn’t works correctly.

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