tab labelling

  • if i open multiple files with the same name from different folders… how can i tell them apart?

  • You can hover the mouse pointer over the tab and read the entire file name.

    You can switch to the tab and read the entire file name in the window’s title bar (depends on setting).

    Having the entire file name in the tab bar is unworkable for long paths, so I don’t see any easy way of solving this cleanly.

  • May be previews like in browsers can help to tell apart. If you are used to navigating using the Document Mapper View, you will be a pro in using such a feature.

  • I don’t want to have to grab the mouse and hover it over every tab to see which one i want, thats a hue waste of time.

    The whole point of having text/labels on the tab is for identification… thats it’s only reason for existing, it’s failing to do that task.

    I don’t need the entire file path in the tab, i need enough to uniquely identify it.

    Why is it that when i open 2 files they use up 5% of the available tab space?
    if the issue is space… there’s 90% spare!

    The real problem here is the developers simply forgot the purpose of having labels on tabs. Forgot the reason they exist.

  • It’s a great idea to label the tab, especially the new files in that tab is labeled with “new #”, where # is the number of the tab.
    I work with many files projects (sessions) SQL, and on many occasions add procedures to compare the files I have open, I would like to identify these new files that will not save, to access them quickly, thereby labeling said tab, and remember all new files only “new #” in the name of the TAB is complicated.

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