Tab Color--Contents not saved

  • Is there a way to change the default style for the Tab color when the file contents have changed?
    I typically have 20 or so files loaded in NP++ at a given time.
    The Style Configurator has “Active Tab Focused” “Active Tab Unfocused” “Active tab Text”.
    But once you leave the tab (and the file has been changed) the tab color is almost indistinguishable from the other tab colors. It would be great to be able to change the tab colour to something user selectable so that, at least for me, it will be bright so that I can easily spot files that aren’t saved.

  • I too am facing the same issue. Now it is distinguished only by blue and purple floppy icon color.
    Blue and purple are not so much distinguishable. Please change the colors, may be a light yellow floppy icon will help.

  • I would think “hot pink” also known as fuchsia. Old people like me need more drastic contrast :)

    Should just be an option.

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