How does Split Lines work?

  • Can anybody explain how the Split Lines (Edit > Line Operations > Split Lines) is supposed to be used?

    If I select a few lines of text, e.g. like this:

    then use Join Lines, they become one line like this:
    a b c d e

    But if I select that single line and then try to Split Lines, nothing happens. I thought Split Lines would do the opposite of Join Lines, but it appears I’m mistaken.

    I’ve also tried testing whether it splits on commas, but that doesn’t happen either.

  • All that “Join Lines” does is remove newline characters, so it’s very simplistic. “Split Lines” can’t exactly do the opposite since it doesn’t know where the newline characters are suppose to go.

    “Split Lines” will use the width of the N++ window to split the lines…or if you have the edge mode enabled (enabled by Settings > Preferences > Editing > Show vertical edge) it will wrap the lines at that length.

  • Understood, thanks dail.

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