Task List

  • It would really be nice if someone would take an interest in the Task List plug-in and make some mods/improvements. it’s really useful and with only a little tweaking from a code-wizard (read: I am NOT one), it could be an astonishing add.

    For example:

    • support multiple keywords
    • always show the Task List panel
    • toggle between visible and all files listing
    • sort the listing by line number position or order entry.

    any takers?

  • This plugin is not stable, make crash in actual NPP, this should be mark in Plugin Manager.

    In other site this is the best way to make named bookmar, we really need some devs for this:)

  • Hi, i used todo list some time, and had crushes and freezes.
    I debugged this plugin, and realize that SCN_MODIFIED and NPPN_BUFFERACTIVATED signals, plugin uses to rescan todos, sended to plugin a lot of times with each single character printed in notepad++. And with time amount of this signal grows up and grows up. So, maybe it is not problem of this plugin exactly. Need look for reasons why SCN_MODIFIED signal spawned a lot of times in npp its self. Maybe iam wrong.

    I added simle filter of signals in to todoListPlugin, and now its rescan todos list only once on half of a second. Now no freezes for my case. Maybe its will be helpfull for you too.

    Fixed sources here.

  • Keep in mind SCN_MODIFIED is sent for several more reasons than just text being added.

  • Thank you for this change.

    Where can we download the modified DLL?
    I code in Lisp for Autocad and this plugin would be very useful.

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