Real Help wanted!

  • Where to find help files for notepad++?
    (I mean offline, downloadable help.)

  • Amen! I’d love to see help files too. There is nothing in the menu system for doing something as basic as opening a new window … and no help system to explain how to do that.

  • Hello DirecktX and Rob,

    You can get some N++ documentation from the link, below :

    Then, click, on the left part of the page, to the two N++ ARTICLES, by Title or by Topic links

    You can, either, download the English NppHelp.chm file, N++ v6.6.4 ( the latest, that I could find ! ), from the link below :

    If, when clicking on this downloaded help file, you get a security warning dialog, just uncheck the option Always ask before opening this file and valid the opening

    Finally, if your N++ version is >= 6.7.8, you may prefer to include the 6.6.4 Help documentation, inside N++'s folders. To do so, follow the few steps below ( Tested on a portable version 6.7.9 ) :

    • Download the .7z archive, from the link

    • In the N++ installation folder, create the folders user.manual\Documentation

    • Open the downloaded HTML.7z archive, then double-click on the HTML folder

    • Select all files ( CTRL + A ), choose the command Extract and select …\Notepad++\user.manual\documentation folder, as the destination copy

    • Move to the folder …\Notepad++\user.manual\documentation

    • Rename the Introduction.html file as Notepad-online-document.html ( IMPORTANT )

    • Now, open N++ and hit the SHIFT + F1 shortcut => the Help documentation should opens, in your browser

    • Finally, just click the Contents links, at top of the page, to get the complete 6.6.4 documentation

    Note : Although, this shortcut shouldn’t work anymore, you can verify, that it’s still present, in the Shortcut Mapper\Main menu, at line 227, without any title !!

    Best Regards,


  • Hi all, just a note that, as of version 7.4.2 at least, @guy038 's final tip to reference the documentation from within Notepad++ no longer works. Shortcut Mapper\Main menu line 227 is now OEM 863 : French. Also be aware that some links in the 6.6.4 documentation still point to SourceForge, which Notepad++ moved off of at least a couple of years ago.

    I haven’t done any research, but does anyone know why we stopped updating the wiki? There’s some good information in there, but it’s obviously not being updated. I’d be willing to help with documentation/help files if there’s a project to update it.

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