BUG: Normal Text always highlighted

  • when Notepad++ launches to display a normal text file, all the text is highlighted? It’s some sort of bug.

  • I am seeing the same thing. From Style Configurator, I changed colors for Global. Now when I start NPP the colors are showing in reverse video. If I open Style Configurator and click any option checkbox, for example I click “Bold” and all fonts are changed to bold in edit window, then the correct colors are loaded.

    Settings are not getting completely loaded on startup. Whatever is being done when an option changes needs to be applied when NPP first starts.

    My first time to post here, hopefully this link will work, but here is a screen capture of before and after:



    New Notepad++ geek

  • Hi. I reply to myself, which is appropriate because I talk to myself. :)

    The issue I was having was due to NppCalc.dll plugin, identified by the process of elimination. Remove it and the issue goes away.

    So it looks like when there is a problem with Notepad++, the first step is to rename the plugins directory and see if the problem persists. If the issue goes away, one of the plugins is causing the problem.

  • @Mike-Welch well done on finding this.

  • Thank you so much for posting this, it was driving me absolutely crazy. I tried updating to the latest NP++ version, updating my theme (https://github.com/SeanCline/Npp-VS2012-Dark) and nothing worked. Removing NPPCalc fixed it!

  • Hello to anyone who may eventually run into the same problem. Like Mike said, the issue is the NPPCalc.dll plugin, but its not actually a bug, its a feature, activated when you press CTRL + SHIFT + C, which can only be disabled by pressing the button sequence again and changing tabs to force it to reload.

    Highly irregular, and its been plaguing me for years! Hopefully that helps someone else

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