Now to disable recent opend files list in menu "Window"?

  • When I drop down the menu “Window” then there are a lot of recently opened files listed.

    How do I tell NP++ to NOT list any files there?

    I already set in Preferences—>Recent Files History—>Number of entries=0

    but this seems not to help.

    What else can I do?


  • Hello Peter

    Do you speak about a Windows list of recent opened files, when you hit the left Windows key OR about the N++ recent files history, listed in the N++ File Menu, under the Print Now entry ?

    As for me, after setting the Max. number of entries to the 0 value, in Settings - Preferences… - Recent Files History, if I open any file and close it immediately, it doesn’t appear any more, as expected, in the File menu :-) You don’t even need to close and re-start N++, although it’s always better to do so !

    Best Regards,


  • Which version are you running? I seem to remember fixing a bug related to this (setting number of entries = 0) but it was some years ago.

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