Shortcut for Views?

  • It’s simple to assign shortcut keys to tabs 1-9 within a view, but is it possible to assign them to the views themselves?

    At the moment, I’m using a shortcut to trigger an external macro to click the pointer on where the first tab on the first view should be, and navigate from there. But it’s not exactly elegant.

    If N++ can’t do this now, could it be added in later versions?

  • If I understand you correctly, you want separate shortcuts for “active tab n in view 1” and “active tab n in view 2”.

    This can be done with the PythonScript plugin. Install it and write some scripts which does what you want (use the Notepad.activateIndex function). Then assign shortcuts.

  • Well that certainly looks…comprehensive. And possibly an alternative to the N++ Macro system overhaul that’s been suggested.

    Rather impressive how it lets you assign shortcuts to plugin operations - something rather lacking natively.

    I may have to spend the next month re-learning Python 2.x, and translating my vTask scripts into it.

  • Stefan,

    If your native tongue is C++, you can write a plugin in that. It is a pretty easy scheme to learn. I have one plugin that is publicly available, and another with all sorts of odds and ends that I find useful.


  • @David-Bailey , which plugin is yours? You didn’t say what it was or what it does.

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