Open relative links with right-click

  • I use Notepad++ to run input-files for an external program. In these input files I have a lot of referenced files, and it would be great to find a way to open these referenced files directly by clicking them. Is there any way to change Notepad++'s “Clickable Links” functionality so that it is able to recognize the file path in this line?:

    incdf Y:\Global_input_files\Material_properties\CMPNS.inp

    PS. I have tried some plugins without luck (QuickOpenPlugin and SourceCookifier)

    Any help is much appreciated!

  • It is very difficult to detect paths in free text since paths can contain spaces. Such a feature would have a lot of false positives which would annoy users.

    In this particular case where the format is known you could write a Python script which parses the line and opens the file. Then you could tie the script to a shortcut key.

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