Accessibility problems

  • Hello,
    I am a screen reader user, and I’ve noticed the following issue. In Preferences, in the Others tab, there is no grouping helement. That is, there are some checkbox with the label of “enable” but there isn’t enough context when tabbing around to deduce what they do. I will give you another example, in case you don’t understand. In the general tab, there is such grouping. In the general tab, the first checkbox is grouped as “toolbars”. Please, could you fix this issue?
    Thank you,

  • The nature of these settings is that they really don’t belong together, which is why they’re in Misc. This means that the group would have to be called something very general like “Other settings”. Would that really help screen reader users (I have no idea since I have never used a screen reader)?

  • The problem is that there is not enough context on what each option does. May I record my screen reader to show you what it says and post it here? Otherwhise, it’s somewhat hard to explain.

  • Yes, a recording would be good.

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