[plugin development] Correctly handling npp indentation

  • Hello community,

    The context :
    I’m currently creating a npp plugin to help my co-workers programming in “4GL progress”.
    I already have a pretty good UDL xml which color the synthax nicely and allow the use of smart indentation to be pretty efficient.

    The problem :
    The only problem is that i need to indent only for 1 line after the “THEN” keyword (think of it as a block of 1 line) and i can’t do that with the non-less awesome UDL2.0.

    My thoughts :
    I was thinking about handling the SCN_CHARADDED notification, check for new lines and set the current line (which is the new line) indentation to what i want.
    Expect it doesn’t work. It looks like npp correct the line indentation AFTER what im doing during the notification.
    Same goes for SCN_MODIFIED and checking for lines added.

    The question :
    Can you think of a solution to overwrite npp’s auto-indentation? Or do you know if i can Send_message something to npp to deactivate auto-indentation in npp?