opening curly bracket { issue

  • I´m using notepad++ v. on windows 8.1 with slovak keyboard

    I have an issue typing opening curly bracket { (ctrl + alt + b) on slovak keyboard, but only in notepad++. closing bracket } (ctrl + alt + n) works, also in notepad++. Is there any way to make it work without changing the keyboard?

    p.s. no other key shortcut works with opening curly bracket in notepad++, but every where else it works.

  • If I understand this correctly:

    • Ctrl-Alt-B is } and Ctrl-Alt-N is { on a Slovak keyboard
    • These letters can’t be typed in N++.

    By default, Ctrl-Alt-B is mapped to Search -> Select all between mapping braces. Ctrl-Alt-N is not mapped to anything by default, but it has been mapped locally anyway (somehow). What happens if you remove these mappings in the Shortcut mapper (Settings dialog)? I guess the alternative is that N++ thinks all Ctrl-Alt combinations as shortcuts.

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