Feature request

  • The “undo” feature is great. It allows (as far as I know) the ability to undo any changes since Npp was opened for the current session. Many times I’ve found that I need to undo dozens (if not hundreds) of changes in a session.

    It would be nice if Npp offered an “undo breakpoint” that, when set, would allow the user to undo all the changes since the breakpoint was set.


    • I open Npp and make several changes to my code. I test the code and it works just fine.

    • I set an “undo breakpoint”

    • Make many more changes, test and discover that I really messed things up.

    • I click a button that’s labeled “Undo all changes since last breakpoint”

    • My code reverts back and I start coding again

    Is this doable?

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