• When I open a text file, this folder pops up . . . C: \ N++RECOV

    It didn’t used to, before. I think it’s doing this now, because I recently did an un-graceful shutdown.

    It’s kind of annoying, and won’t let me delete it.

    Is there a way I can make delete it until the next bad shutdown, make it stick, or put it in the Notepad++ folder? . . . C:\Notepad++Portable

    It must do this because it’s portable, and doesn’t want to leave any footprints?

  • I see that this happens with the PortableApps version of NP++


    Every time you open a text file, it creates this folder, in the same sub-directory of the NP++ intall: C: \ N++RECOV

    NP++ native, made portable, does not do this.

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